Doosan has all angles covered

A host of new features have been announced for Doosan Bobcat EMEA’s range of ADTs.    

A standard feature is an angle limitation system, which the firm said is to prevent the truck body from tipping over when being loaded with materials.  A tip limit point can be set to meet specific requirements and allows the body to tip in accordance with the slope of the ground as set by the system.  If the slope is over the limit, the body doesn’t move.

Another new standard feature is the engine auto shut down function.  Doosan said ADTs can spend a high amount of time standing with the engine idling while waiting to be loaded, resulting in losses in terms of fuel, warranty and service costs.  To remedy this, the auto shut down function can be switched on and off.  Operators can set a time after which the engine will automatically shut down if the computer fails to detect any activity.

A further feature is the introduction of Bluetooth radios for increased safety.

The Geofence system means the machine can’t leave a prescribed area. This is part of the machine software and can be set up using a Doosan ADT diagnostic tool.

New optional features include electrically adjustable, heated mirrors, meaning operators can adjust the position of the mirrors directly from the cab.

To meet safety rules demanded on some sites, customers can order Sears high performance heated seats.

An optional white noise reverse alarm can also be installed as a replacement for the standard reverse alarm. Doosan said the “characteristic” sound this alarm makes is easier on the ears and can offer increased safety in noisy locations. To confirm the driver is using their seat belt properly, there is also an optional green seat belt roof warning light. A further option is the availability of a new pre-assembly painting system,  which allows ADTs to be customised in particular colours.