Mulch ado about something

CATERPILLAR has unveiled the new D3K2 mulcher, which the firm says combines the “solid foundation” of the D3K2 dozer with the “ruggedly designed” HM518 mulcher to tackle a mix of material in a wide range of applications.

Available with either a conventional long (XL) or low-ground-pressure (LGP) undercarriage, the manufacturer said the machine works efficiently in soft underfoot conditions, slopes and in rough terrain.

The width of the HM518 mulcher has been matched to the operating width of the D3K2.

The cab, with 360-degree visibility, has been fitted with screens and “poly-carb” windows for added protection when mulching. The pressure gauge mounted to the mulcher frame is said by Caterpillar to allow the operator to easily monitor performance and the hydraulically adjustable push guard and hydraulically operated front hood bring extra safety.