Terex Finlay hosts “essential” Edinburgh open days

A two-day event showcasing the latest machinery on offer from Terex Finlay has taken place in Edinburgh.

The open days were held at Craigpark Quarry with the assistance of site owners Alex Brewster & Sons. A range of 18 crushing, screening and conveying machines were on show, including the new TC-80 conveyor, which is the first in Scotland, and the new J-1170 jaw crusher. Both machines, along with several others, were put to work in the quarry, giving attendees a live demonstration of what they can do.

The first day of the event saw over 300 global visitors from countries including Russia, Argentina, North America and South Africa while the second day was more focused on the local market.

Terex Finlay marketing manager, Brian Pauley, speaking at the event, described the open days as “essential” for the firm.

He said, “It gives people the opportunity to actually see the machines working. I can write a press release, I can put a video on social media and I can put stuff up on the web but unless people can actually touch, feel and see them working, it can be hard to get the message across.”

Brian added that events like this are an “an opportunity to get a one-on-one” with the customer and take them through the specifics of the machine and enquire about the customer’s specific needs.

You can read a full report on the event in the August/September issue of Project Plant.