CESAR milestone for Doosan mini

Kim Dudley being presented with a certificate by Kevin Howells

A Doosan mini-excavator has become the 250,000th CESAR marked machine in the UK.

The CESAR Scheme is owned by the Construction Equipment Association (CEA) and helps in the prevention and recovery of stolen plant and equipment. Machine theft was estimated to be costing the sector £1 million per week when it was launched in 2007.

The honour of the 250,000th machine went to a DX85R-3 at the recent Plantworx exhibition. Kim Dudley, Doosan’s regional manager for Northern Europe, was presented with a certificate marking the milestone by Kevin Howells, CEO/MD of Datatag ID, the chosen delivery partner for the official CESAR Scheme.

Doosan has been involved in the scheme for ten years, having become the first construction equipment manufacturer to fit CESAR to all its products.

Kim Dudley said, “Since we joined the scheme in 2007, every Doosan machine sold in the UK has been CESAR marked, providing a powerful deterrent to thieves and peace of mind for our customers. It has brought our dealers and their customers many benefits as it allows the police to quickly establish the ownership of construction equipment recovered after theft and to quickly return it to the owner.

“This ensures that police will more readily pursue stolen plant (knowing it can be identified) and lowers the insurance premiums our customers have to pay for their machinery. Since Doosan joined the CESAR Scheme in 2007, many other leading manufacturers have also adopted the scheme.”

Kevin Howells, CEO/MD of Datatag added, “Reaching 250,000 machines protected is a significant milestone in the story of the CESAR Scheme and we couldn’t be happier that just as the very first machine protected was a Doosan product, the 250,000th is also a Doosan machine. Doosan has supported the CESAR Scheme since it was launched, recognising the theft deterrent it provides to the company’s customers.”