Worsley Plant to unveil “compact and versatile” crushing bucket

WORSLEY Plant has announced it will launch the fourth generation of MB crushing bucket at this year’s Plantworx exhibition.

The firm said that, back in 2001, the BF90.3 was the first crushing bucket ever made. Some 16 years later, the Series 4 model will be unveiled.

Worsley added that the latest “extremely compact and versatile” model features; an increase in productivity, performance, strength, reliability and power; increased options for the regulation of material output; and a reduction in standard maintenance time thanks to an integrated centralised greasing system.

“Designed to resist the most challenging conditions on any site, the BF90.3 crushing bucket…has been updated and made more powerful over the years. Suitable for all crushing operations, even the most challenging, it maintains the same results in terms of performance with all types of inert material,” a statement from Worsley Plant read.