Mobile crane purchase is a Plus point for Falkirk firm

A Falkirk-based family business has been singing the praises of Liebherr cranes after purchasing its third machine from the manufacturer.

Horizon Reinforcing & Crane Hire Ltd recently bought an MK 88 Plus mobile crane. The move followed the firm’s purchase of the UK’s first LTM 1250-5.1 mobile crane last year.

The four-axle MK 88 Plus tower crane has, according to Liebherr, “flexible jib settings and impressive hook heights with its horizontal jib providing a large outreach”. The Plus package is said to provide even higher load capacity with a horizontal jib. In areas with restricted height clearance, Liebherr said the MK 88 can be used with full outreach and set up with a reduced tower height. The crane can be used in three raised trolley modes of 15o, 30 o and 45 o offering a maximum hook height of 59.1m.

Liebherr added that the the MK 88’s taxi crane concept means it can carry out several jobs in one day. The crane is also said to be suited to night work thanks to its “quiet, low emission electrical drive units”. Only one operator is required to transport, erect and operate the machine.

Horizon’s crane operators have received specialist training on the new product from Liebherr. Managing director Steven Dougall said, “Liebherr cranes are of quality build and very reliable. They come with great product support and we consider them to be excellent value for money.”