Mind the GAP: Glasgow hirer becomes leading Kubota customer

Chris Parr (GAP finance director), Dave Roberts (Kubota UK MD), Leana Horton (Kubota key account manager) and Iain Anderson (GAP MD)

GLASGOW-based GAP Hire Solutions will become Kubota’s largest construction customer in the world after the manufacturer became its sole supplier for excavators ranging from 0.8 to 8 tonnes.

The move follows GAP buying 900 machines from Kubota last year. Kubota said GAP Hire Solutions will gradually replace all competitor machines until Kubota is the exclusive supplier of its micro and mini equipment.

Iain Anderson, managing director at GAP Hire Solutions said, “Over the last 40 plus years we’ve built a great relationship with Kubota and after purchasing such a huge quantity of excavators last year, we felt this exclusive agreement would be immensely beneficial to both parties as we move forward.

“To have a supplier that supports us in the way Kubota does is fantastic, which is why this decision was an easy one to make. The reliability of the machines ensures we can carry out day-to-day business without the worry of them breaking down or needing drastic maintenance.

“As well as the impressive aesthetic aspects of the Kubota’s, the underlying mechanics of the machines are fantastic and the residual value is the best on the market to date. One feature of the excavators that stand out is the sheer power and strength of the engines. They’re virtually bullet proof and many of the other pieces of equipment we work with, such as dumpers, also run on Kubota diesel engines.”

Dave Roberts, managing director of Kubota UK added, “The fact that GAP Hire Solutions is now Kubota’s biggest construction customer worldwide says everything about the strength of our relationship with them. It’s a pleasure to partner with a great company like GAP Group and we’re delighted to continue as the sole supplier of excavators for the foreseeable future.”