Steelwrist unveils new Powertilt solution

Tiltrotator manufacturer Steelwrist is to launch a new Powertilt with front pin lock technology, in co-operation with Parker/Powertilt AG.

The Steelwrist Powertilt is a “marriage” between Helac Corporation’s original tilt engine and Steelwrist’s patented front pin lock coupler technology.

In a joint statement, both companies said the new solution has been developed in response to “the demand for safe couplers on Powertilt solutions” and would benefit customers by giving them “a safe and robust coupler which lives up to all safety requirements without the need for a sensor based control system”.

The range will be available for excavators between 2 and 20 tonnes and with symmetrical couplers S40 to S60. Deliveries are to start in March of this year.

Stefan Stockhaus, CEO of Steelwrist, commented, ”When you don’t need the full blown tiltrotator the Steelwrist Powertilt is a great solution. With more than 50,000 Helac tilt engines in the field, our customers will get a robust solution that goes hand in hand with our steel casted couplers. We are extremely happy to be able to broaden our product portfolio with the Powertilt.”

Rolf Hefti, CEO of Powerlift AG, added, ”We are very happy to see that Steelwrist chose the Helac-Powertilt engine in their tilt/coupler solution. With the front pin lock technology the customers will get a very simple and safe solution – something that we know is in high demand from our customer base.”