Winter theft warning for plant firms


PLANT firms are being urged to increase security to protect equipment during the dark winter months.

Construction plant tracking specialist AMI Group claims plant machinery is more at risk of theft during this time.

Peter Stockton, operations director of AMI Group explained, “It really is vital that plant security is increased during the winter, especially over Christmas when sites are often shut for two weeks and kit is parked up unoccupied – a fact that criminals will be well aware of.

“We always see a trend of more machines being stolen during the winter as the dark, wet conditions present more opportunities for plant thieves to steal equipment. Because construction sites and depots are often located in remote, poorly lit areas, criminals can hide under the cover of darkness.

“We offer a range of cost-effective plant tracking devices which can assist the safe return of plant machinery in the unfortunate event of it being stolen. This small investment can pay dividends, as the money spent on increasing security measures can be quickly recovered through insurance discounts, reduced claims and less downtime.”