Jarvie looks on the bright side with new investment


JARVIE Plant Group is all set for winter after making a significant investment in tower light technology.

The Grangemouth-based hire specialist has snapped up 40 new VB-9 Eco Tower’s and 5 VT-Hybrid units.

The firm claims the VB-9, with its 400w halide lamps and telescopic hydraulic mast, saves “up to four times” on fuel costs versus standard lights.

Jarvie said the VT-Hybrid is suitable for projects demanding a “quieter and more economical facility”. It runs on the rechargeable battery during the night without noise or carbon emissions, allowing the light to run for up to 700 hours between refuels.

David Jarvie, business development director explained, “We are currently involved in some major infrastructure projects across Scotland including the M8 upgrade, where our tower lights are on hire to the various contractors working on site.

“It’s the time of year when attention focuses on how companies can maintain productivity and safety on site; often in remote locations. Our tower lights are ideal products for this. We are lighting the way throughout the winter months on various civils projects across Scotland with over 80 sets of VB-9 Eco Towers on hire to contractors.”