New screening machine HAAS star power


MATPRO has supplied a new, leading edge HAAS screening machine to one of the largest, independent commercial waste management companies in Scotland.

Hamilton Waste and Recycling Limited has been in operation since 2002, providing waste management and recycling solutions to commercial and industrial customers across Scotland.

In 2014, the company invested heavily in a new materials recycling facility in Smeaton, east Scotland. Due to the recent expansion, they required a solution which would process a higher throughput of recycled timber onsite.

The German-engineered HAAS Flat Oscillating Screen HPS125 was initially recommended by Matpro, as it would enable more efficient screening and higher throughput of materials.

With high quality oscillating elements and exchangeable screen decks, the machine is now aiding the screening of up to 40 tons of finished products per hour. In addition, Matpro said its reliable technology with low power consumption coupled with its ability to be integrated with existing machinery means that it is much more cost effective for the company.

Ken Chrystal, site manager at Hamilton’s Smeaton Recycling Centre said, “We looked at various options available to us, but ultimately we found ourselves always coming back to the HAAS machine.

“One of the main reasons for this was the brilliant expertise we received from Matpro Machinery. We were also highly impressed with the level of after sales service we received.

“Having someone on hand 24/7 like we are, to assist with any queries and to help us get the most out of the machine is something we can really rely on Matpro to provide.”

Ben McQuaid, managing director at Matpro Machinery commented, “Our company invests a lot of time helping our clients get the best machinery solution and to ensure that the machine integrates with existing machinery and resources, where possible.

“Having looked at Hamilton’s requirements, we recommended the HAAS Flat Oscilating Screen HPS125 as we knew it would match these requirements and facilitate more efficient screening.

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Hamilton Waste and Recycling Limited and we are delighted to still be serving the company with our dedicated after sales service support.”