National tiltrotator training programme to start

Engcon NPORS training

THE launch of the first national tiltrotator training and certification programme in the UK has been announced.

Engcon, in conjunction with the National Plant Operators Registration Scheme (NPORS), is delivering the scheme to promote safety. The training is said to be suitable for all makes of tiltrotator and can be arranged through either Engcon or  NPORS.

Engcon said the training will be carried out by qualified and experienced instructors and includes an introduction to tiltrotators and practical instruction. A practical and written test will follow, with a required pass mark of 80%.

Engcon said, “Tiltrotator Training covers the core elements of a tiltrotator and its use and has been specifically developed by Engcon in association with NPORS to ensure operators understand how to use the system correctly and safely. The practical training and test is designed to enable the learner to appreciate, and access the benefits of tiltrotators, including off-centre digging and reduced machine movement, forming ‘V’ type ditches, angled batters and returns and grading.

“There will also be an introduction to some of the many attachments that are becoming more commonplace on tiltrotator-equipped excavators, such as grading beams, sorting grabs, pallet forks and compactors. In addition to the practical session, operators will also be required to demonstrate an understanding of the issues specific to tiltrotator use including attachment selection, causes of instability when using a tiltrotator, safety checks/signals, and the regulations relating to lifting operations and equipment.”