Bespoke system boosts North Ayrshire waste and recycling specialist


Lowmac Waste & Recycling has reportedly achieved “excellent results” from a bespoke BlueMAC materials remediation system.

The North Ayrshire-based firm turned to Blue Machinery Scotland and its sister company BlueMAC Manufacturing in a quest to increase waste processing capacity and improve the quality of the end-products created by the recycling process.

Blue Group said the system, which is processing a variety of incoming waste streams at around 1000 tonnes per week at a rate of between 25 and 30 tonnes per hour, is “designed and built to combine a series of compatible processors and conveyor arrays in a convenient and compact under-cover configuration, (and is) capable of treating a broad range of mixed waste and, consequently, can provide material remediation to a very high quality”.

“Clean fines, secondary aggregates, biomass, animal bedding, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, amongst other saleable materials, are all being produced from this specially designed, multi-tasking plant”, the company added.

Kenny Smith, Lowmac’s managing director said, “This plant is proving to be an excellent and versatile addition to our recycling and reclamation capabilities and is performing very well.

“As always, we have been extremely well served by Blue Machinery Scotland and have the greatest confidence in their excellent after sales product support; also we are all very impressed with the build quality and productivity of the BlueMAC equipment and their very professional and efficient installation team.

“Another added benefit for us is the modular nature of the BlueMAC plant which will allow us to expand and enlarge it should the need arise.”