A-Plant doubles down on new investment

Doubling Up on Deliveries 2

A-Plant has invested over £1 million in a new transport fleet capable of double stacking accommodation units on customer sites.

The investment aims to help the company’s Accommodation division “offer a more efficient delivery and installation service to customers”, according to a spokesperson.

A-Plant purchased a number of modified vehicles, based on 32 tonne DAF trucks fitted with 78 tonne Palfinger cranes, which have the capacity to double stack 32 ft. accommodation units.

A-Plant’s director of accommodation, Ian Needham, said, “We believe we are one of the only national accommodation hirers to be able to double stack such large accommodation units from our vehicles, meaning we can now offer a more cost and time efficient delivery service.”

He continued, “Despite the impressive height they reach when double stacked, safety is not compromised. The vehicles incorporate Palfinger’s High Performance Stability Control (HPSC) which enables safe working within tight spaces, plus they also prevent post-oscillation in the event of rapid braking or load changes.”