Sound pedigree: Volvos put to work at Fife quarry

Patersons purchases trio of new articulated haulers

PATERSONS Quarries has snapped up three new Volvo articulated haulers thanks to positive experiences in the past and the ‘sound pedigree’ of the machines.

The trio of A40G models have been delivered to Patersons as production output has increased at the firm’s Burrowine Moor Quarry near Bogside in Fife.
The machines are direct replacements for two five-year-old A35Fs and an A30E.
Managing director  Tom Paterson explained, “Over the years we’ve had a good experience operating Volvo articulated haulers in our quarrying and landfill operations and their pedigree is sound in terms of reliability and performance with good residuals when it’s time to trade.
“We have high expectations for these latest A40G haulers from Volvo as they take over at Burrowine Moor Quarry.”
The new haulers will be tasked with hauling silica sand from the dig zones in the quarry to the processing plant. The machines will also be utilised to move overburden and rock as fresh seams of material are exposed ready for extraction.
Volvo confirmed all three A40Gs have been supplied with their Silver Customer Support Agreements that provides Patersons Quarries with a tool to “budget for and track, with full visibility, the running costs of each truck”.
Crucial features of the A40G include a carrying capacity of 39 tonnes and a heaped capacity of 24m³. The machine has a maximum speed of 57kph and is powered by the latest Tier IV final Volvo 16 litre engine developing 347kW net horsepower.

Volvo said it features “high torque at low engine speeds, resulting in good fuel efficiency, high performance, quicker engine response and less wear, i.e. long service life. The whole powertrain is designed and purpose built ensuring the best use is made of the available power and torque, even in tough working conditions. The engine in the drivetrain is matched to a torque converter with built in lock-up function and fitted with a fully automatic fast adaptive transmission. The drivetrain features Volvo’s Automatic Traction Control (ATC) system as standard, which prevents operators leaving their haulers permanently set in all-wheel drive mode, even when not needed, for example on good or paved roads, when only 6X4 drive is required.
“ATC automatically disengages the rear axle when not needed; eliminating tire skid when cornering and reducing tire wear. However, when ATC system does sense slippage, the longitudinal differential lock and the 6X6 clutch are engaged together: this gives the hauler the optimum traction in all conditions.”