Bell still rings true for civils contractor

McFadyens needed two ADTs urgently

A Campbeltown civil engineering firm has cemented a long-standing relationship with Bell Equipment by snapping up two more ADTs.

McFadyens & Bell Equipment
McFadyens Contractors purchased its first Bell ADT five years ago and that machine is still going strong.
The recent buys – a new B30E and a used B30D – have been put straight to work on projects for clients including some involved in the forestry and wind farm sectors.
Billy McFadyen, managing director at McFadyens Contractors, said, “Our existing Bell dump truck has proven its reliability, while operators have confirmed that they like the comfort and functionality within the cab.”
The deal was swiftly concluded to meet McFadyens’ commitment to a project to build forestry roads.
As time was of the essence, Bell also provided a temporary ADT for immediate use, prior to delivery of the two purchased machines.
Billy added, “That level of customer service reinforces why we like working with Bell; they are always available and receptive to our business needs, and helped us to meet the requirements of the project.”
Richard Higgott, Bell sales manager, added, “McFadyens has been in operation since 1901, in the days of horses and carts, so they know the value of a strong, hard-working machine.”