CMPE Glasgow branch marks 55 years

A single piper heralded the arrival of top table guests Fraser Dykes (president of the Scottish Plant Owners Association), Mike Travers, Mick Farrington, Eric Davdson, John McGrath, Sandy Strang, Mark Griston (Project Plant) and Steven Mackay (CMPE Aberdeen chairman)

THE Glasgow branch of the Contractors Mechanical Plant Engineers (CMPE) held its 55th anniversary dinner in Glasgow’s plush Crowne Plaza last week.

The gentlemen’s evening was well attended by representatives from many of the biggest players in the Scottish plant industry including TDL Equipment, Relentless Plant and SCG Supplies.

Speakers Eric Davidson and Sandy Strang entertained guests while the highlight of the evening was the presentation of the CMPE Glasgow Apprentice of the Year award for 2015. CMPE Glasgow chairman John McGrath and CMPE national chairman Mick Farrington handed over the prestigious prize to Alpine Plant’s Allan Sheehan.

After leaving school, Allan loaded vans for DHL and worked in a pathology lab before he was given the chance to be an apprentice plant fitter. John McGrath said, “Allan has attended Glasgow Kelvin College where he has shown great character throughout his apprenticeship and is on course to complete his SVQ Level 3 qualification next year.”

Allan was also presented with this year’s star of the future award at the Plantworx exhibition for his commitment and his determination to succeed.

Allan Sheehan receiving his award from John McGrath and Mick Farrington