Bell proves to be the Clear-cut choice!

Clearwater_Bell Equipment

WASTE industry knowledge and the ability to create tailor-made solutions have been cited as the reasons behind Clearwater buying its first Bell B30E ADT.

Graeme Hughes, contract manager at Clearwater, said, “We pride ourselves on providing a reliable service at all times and an integral part of this is the quality of the equipment we supply.  As such we needed to ensure that whichever make and model of ADT we supplied, it had to be the best on the market. The customer also wanted to ensure it was as efficient and economical as possible, in terms of both performance and running costs.

“It was Bell Equipment’s knowledge of the industry, their willingness to listen and the final solution they presented, which swayed our decision.”

The B30E ADT was chosen as the best fit for the application, but with the addition of customised “Waste Greedy Boards”. These boards are one metre taller than the standard design and increase the machine’s volume by 26 percent, enabling the operator to move more waste in less time.

The back door of the ADT was also modified, being curved rather than straight. This prevents compacted waste becoming stuck to the back door, making the deposit of waste much easier.