New Bobcat compact loader shows its metal


CONCORDE Metals Limited, based at Belvedere in South East London, has continued its preference for the Bobcat brand that dates back to the early 1990s with the purchase of a new Bobcat S650 compact loader.

Cliff Cast, Warehouse Manager at the Concorde Metals facility in Belvedere, said, “We have always found the Bobcat loaders to be very durable, high performing machines for our applications, as illustrated by the Bobcat S250 loader we still use on the site, which we bought right after it was launched in 2008.”

Concorde Metals offers an extensive range of ferrous and non-ferrous metal products and has earned an enviable reputation for supplying quality materials at competitive prices, including aluminum, copper, zinc, brass and stainless steel.

One of the principal applications for the new Bobcat S630 loader is filling containers, where its compact size is ideal for loading materials by driving into containers off ramps.

The new loader also works in conjunction with the material handler on the site sorting and loading materials into the various material bays in the facility.

Cliff Cast added, “We purchased the S630 loader as it offers the right combination of a compact size to fit in the containers with the lifting power and capacity we need. The new machine has optional AHC hand controls, heated cab, Lexan door and solid wheels/tyres.

“Being an engineering material, the Lexan door offers the impact resistance and outstanding stability we need to withstand blows from pieces of metal and provides us with peace of mind and extra safety in the cab.

“Based on what we’ve learned from our experience over the years, Bobcat of London has added some minor modifications to the new machine to provide extra protection in the close quarter work it carries out.”

The height of the S650 is 2065 mm, the width and length with bucket are 1880 and 3474 mm respectively, and the height to the hinge pin when loading with the bucket is 3149 mm.

With an operating weight of 3777 kg, the S650 is a vertical lift path loader that has a rated operating capacity and tipping load (ISO 14397-1) of 1282 and 2564 kg.

Along with all new generation Bobcat loaders, the S650 offers a number of innovative features such as the Premium Cab design, the largest on the market, with more space, less noise and enhanced ergonomics for greater operator comfort, enhanced productivity and ensuring better protection both back and front.

The new cab has been built in accordance with the axiom that the more comfortable an operator is, the more productive they will be.

The cab area has been increased by 10% over previous models.  The threshold of the cab door has been lowered and the size of the cab door increased, making it easier for operators to enter and exit the cab.

Even more dramatic than the cab design is its new forward position that offers 30% increased visibility for the operator both in front and all round the machine.