D series compact excavators pack a mighty punch!


EASY to operate, tough and durable, the new EC15D, EC18D and EC20D excavators from Volvo belie their small stature.

Featuring a D0.9A Volvo diesel engine, the D-Series compact excavators are equipped with an optional automatic idling system to reduce engine speed to idle if controls are inactive for more than five seconds.

If machines are left idle for longer, the engine can be automatically shut down, stopping the hour meter and leading to longer service intervals, lower operating costs and better resale value for the machine.

The EC15D and EC18D, which were shown for the first time in Great Britain at Plantworx 2015, are equipped with a 12% increase in lifting capacity compared to previous C models, whilst additional rear counterweights can be added for further stability.

Digging equipment includes a modified and re-designed boom to improve overall dig reach and depth.

The Volvo cab now has superior noise and vibration insulation, improved visibility and no extra pedals on the floor. All controls and ergonomically places and larger travel pads allow operators to manoeuvre easily in tight spaces. D-series machines also feature a fingertip roller, high-speed travel switch on the dozer blade level and a single-acting auxiliary button.

The D series machines feature new high profile and impact resistant rear counterweights made from a single casting that wraps around each side of the machine for superb protection. The flat, toughened glass used on the four sides of the cab guarantees that replacements can be fitted simply, quickly and inexpensively if damage occurs.

On the EC15D and EC18D the lifting cylinder is located on top of the boom, ensuring maximum protection against damage. A strong steel casing protects the boom cylinder on the EC20D. Furthermore, on the three models, most hoses are routed through the boom, for optimum durability. Not only are the D-Series compact excavators highly durable, they are also easy to maintain thanks to excellent built-in service features.

Service points are logically grouped under the wide-opening engine hood. With Volvo’s patented multifunctional hydraulic oil filter, filtration occurs when the tank is filled or topped up and before the oil returns via the drain lines.