Volvo back in the fold at A W Jenkinson


A.W. Jenkinson Forest Products has rekindled a long standing association with Volvo construction equipment products by placing an order for ten Volvo loading shovels.

Half of the deal for seven Volvo L120H’s, two L90H’s and a larger L150H is part of a machine replacement programme and half represents an increment to the A.W. Jenkinson fleet to handle a significant increase in output and production. The new loaders will be equipped with 9.5m³, 7.0m³ and 11.0m³ hi tip buckets respectively for loading shredded wood, fines and dust into high sided bulkers. The machines will also benefit from additional optional equipment such as reversible fans, fire suppression and autolube systems and on the L120 and L150 H models, upgraded brake cooling. Heavy duty L5 tyres have also been specified to reduce the likelihood of tyre punctures on site.

“A.W. Jenkinson Forest Products has operated Volvo loading shovels at most of its facilities for many years with the machines clocking up impressive hours of service so we know they are reliable and productive,” said director Robert Jenkinson. “We are particularly pleased to welcome the new Tier IV loading shovels back into the fleet with the latest engine emission technology and energy saving features.”

The ten new loading shovels will be phased in to key A.W. Jenkinson Forest Product sites such as Lockerbie, Carlisle, Dalbeattie and at the head office site at Clifton near Penrith over the next few months. The first L120H specifically, has gone to work at the A.W. Jenkinson Woodwaste site at Hespin Wood just north of Carlisle replacing an L120D model.