Microlise solutions for 105 Nationwide Platforms’ machines

ATS Euromaster

NATIONWIDE PLATFORMS, the UK’s largest powered access rental business, has extended its relationship with telematics provider Microlise.

The company, which provides a fleet of more than 11,000 machines from a network of depots across the country, has entered a five year contract that will see the deployment of a Microlise solution across its 105 operated truck mounted platforms.

Implementation is due to start in early 2015.

The latest partnership with Mircolise follows a similar deployment on Nationwide Platform’s HGV delivery fleet last year, in which 112 vehicles were fitted with Microlise technology.

During the six months since its introduction, the solution has achived a 9% reduction in fuel use. Safety has also been increased, with contextual speeding occurrences down considerably and an increase in vehicle uptime realised.

In seeking a telematics solution, Nationwide Platforms was looking to further understand driver performance in order to reduce fuel consumption whilst increasing safety through an improved standard of driving across the fleet. The company was also looking to incentivise drivers and conduct driver debriefing and coaching. The Microlise solution provides league tables based on an A-G ratings system, with drivers rewarded for good performance and specific areas highlighted for further training.

With the operated truck mounted platforms fleet exempt from tachograph monitoring and reporting, Nationwide Platforms were also looking for a way to monitor driver hours and ensure compliance with company policies. The solution will provide management with detailed reports on vehicle and driver activity, ensuring accurate monitoring of working hours and activity completed.

Due to the nature of the business, Nationwide Platforms often receives late notice requests for the rental of machines. The real-time and accurate fleet visibility available through the Microlise solution will allow the company to increase service levels, by understanding the location of its vehicles more quickly, making the operation more agile and responsive to the needs of customers.

“The Microlise solution we have in place of our delivery fleet has already delivered a huge return on investment” said Peter Douglas, UK Operations Director for Nationwide Platforms.

“We have seen significant savings in operational costs and an increase in safety and vehicle availability. The solution that we will deploy on the operated truck mounted platforms fleet will deliver similar savings, but will also increase our service levels by giving us visibility of fleet location, making us more agile and responsive to customer demand for our machines.”