First Volvo for Bradley Demolition

The Volvo EC300E excavator
The Volvo EC300E excavator

BRADLEY DEMOLITION Ltd, based at Preston in Lancashire, has taken delivery of its very first Volvo excavator for its fleet of demolition equipment with the purchase of an EC300E.

The latest Stage IV final thirty tonne Volvo EC300E excavator was chosen after a detailed evaluation of the market and a competitive package on the table according to Managing Director Paul Johnson. “We needed to replace an existing 30 tonne machine for the fleet and considered the Volvo to be well specified with a superior build quality when we looked at the market,” he said. “The package on offer and the prospect of good residual values well into the future were additional selling features that helped us decide upon the new Volvo EC300E.”

The new EC300E features the latest Stage IV final Volvo 8 litre engine developing 240hp. Operators can select the best work mode for the task at hand, ensuring optimum performance and fuel efficiency. Modes include: I-idle, F-fine, G-general, H-heavy or P-power, with the machine automatically setting the appropriate engine speed for the work mode, with a new ECO mode that works in G to H (or P) mode. Pump flow is controlled for combined digging and swinging operations to reduce the flow loss through the overload relief valves, while maintaining digging power and maximum swing torque. Eco mode provides better fuel efficiency without loss of performance in most operating conditions.

Specifically for Bradley Demolition’s requirements, the EC300E has been equipped with a heavy-duty screen guard and a FOGS guard for the operator’s compartment. The optional x3 hydraulic rotation circuit has also been included to facilitate a full range of demolition tools including rotating grapples, shears and pulverisers. Hammer/shear and quick fir hydraulic services are standard.

Bradley Demolition has further invested in a Lehnhoff Variolock quick hitch, which automatically quick couples the hydraulic services as the hitch is engaged, to enhance the fast and efficient changeover of attachments.

Each tool has a dedicated head that matches precisely to the hydraulic connections on the quick hitch, thus making connecting and un-coupling extremely fast, efficient and safe. It also reduces potential damage to hose and couplings that could become contaminated when left attached to the tool not in use.

The Volvo Care Cab on the Volvo EC300E offers a large interior with plenty of legroom and foot space. All round visibility is enhanced by pressurized and filtered cab air supplied by a 14-vent climate control system. An adjustable easy to read LCD colour monitor provides real time information of the machine functions, important diagnostic information and a wide variety of work tool settings. The monitor also doubles as a monitor for the rear view camera.

Bradley Demolition Ltd based in Preston, Lancashire provides a comprehensive demolition service including crushing and recycling, asbestos removal and site remediation. The company undertakes demolition projects throughout the U.K.

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