Viby attachment launches compact Hy-Tip

The new Viby Hy-Tip for compact loaders
The new Viby Hy-Tip for compact loaders

DANISH bucket manufacturer Viby Attachment has launched a new version of its popular Hy-Tip bucket for compact and backhoe loaders.

Lighter and smaller than the standard Hy-Tip models, the new bucket retains the strength and durability Viby is renowned for.

The new compact version features a considerably increased dump height over standard buckets due to the hydraulic lift capabilities from its built-in-frame.

Designed to handle low-density materials typically below 1,000kg/m³, the bucket is ideally suited for the waste-recycling sector where overall machine size and operating cost are critical.

The bucket is targeted at wheeled loaders up to a maximum operating weight of 10,500kg, or backhoe loaders of up to 8,000kg operating weight.

Andrew Little, Director of Viby Attachment (UK) Limited, said: “This new lighter and smaller version of our hugely popular Hy-Tip bucket has been launched in response to conversations we’ve had with many of our customers.

“It fills a significant niche in the market – primarily for waste and recycling applications but there are also areas where machines such as the backhoe loaders are used as jobbing machines for many applications, rather than as a dedicated productivity machine.”

He added: “We’re delighted to bring this compact Hy-Tip to the UK and expect it to generate a lot of interest in the coming months.”