No two buckets are the same


HARDOX Wearparts Centre (Stirling) launched four new buckets at ScotPlant earlier this year – and haven’t sold two the same yet!

“Flexibility is the key to our products,” said Commercial Manager Gordon Cameron. “We ask customers what they want and then design the buckets around their needs.

“One firm, I & H Brown, spotted our standard buckets at ScotPlant and used them as a template.

“We completely re-specified them to suit what they wanted.

“This involved a different thickness of floor, sides and cutting edge.

“We also put different wear parts on the bottom of it.

“I likened it to that episode of Only Fools and Horses when Trigger wins an award for keeping the same broom for 20 years, even though it had several different heads and handles during that time!

“With us, it’s same bucket but everything’s totally different.”

Gordon said the Hardox buckets are ideal to be attached to any quick hitch mechanisms – with just a few tweaks required.

“One company wanted Riddle buckets for specific projects they were doing.

“They wanted the fingers to be very specific to allow certain materials to fall through and also to ensure certain materials didn’t fall through. They were ecstatic with the results.

“For another firm, based in the north of Scotland, we designed a drop-ball bucket, which was a fairly new concept for us. It’s 0.9 metres wide.

“As a company, we’ve invested in Autodesk Inventor software. This produces 3D models of buckets, which are incredible.

“We’ve taken on a commercial apprentice who will be heavily involved in the implementation of that.

“We’ve also just installed a new CNC controlled Hypertherm High Definition high performance plasma.

“All these innovations will support the business going forward.”