AB2000’s rail division is on the right track

Cameron Barr has seen the rail division go from strength to strength.

AB2000’s rail plant division is a very important part of the Group’s business.

The division provides road/ railway equipment for track renewals and maintenance works.

Launched in 2002, the division has grown from 4 machines and 5 trailers to 22 machines and 27 trailers complete with a full array of special attachments to suit all the applications they may come across.

Cameron Barr has been Rail Manager since 2005. He said, “I was a plant operator with Adam Bruce Plant when the railway division was formed. At the time it seemed new and exciting and an opportunity to learn new skills. Since then I have moved up along with the business.

“The basic machines are nearly the same as construction machines but with rail gear adaptations allowing them to travel on the rails.

“Recent projects we’ve worked on include EGIP (Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme) where we supplied road/rail Genie boom MEWP’s and road/rail excavators with manipulator grabs for erecting the overhead lines and equipment.

“We’ve also carried out some preliminary work on the Borders rail link, on-going works for NWR’s maintenance Delivery Units in Scotland,  and emergency works for AMCO.

“Our annual turnover has increased steadily and the railway division makes an important contribution to the company’s overall performance and results. We have 38 employees with a PTS Card.”

This is a card operators need in order to be qualified to initially work on the rail infrastructure.

“As you’d expect, there are many rules and regulations when working on the rail infrastructure and there’s an intense training course to be able to carry out any different duties on the railway,” Cameron added.

“There is a zero tolerance policy on drugs and alcohol and random tests take place to ensure no one working on the tracks is under the influence.

“The PTS Card gives operators flexibility and opportunity for overtime and gaining new skills. When the construction industry was quiet in 2009, this ticket secured work for people because the rail plant industry was still busy.

“The hours can be unsociable. There’s a lot of night and weekend work because these are the times when you get most access to the tracks, so it’s not a job which appeals to young, single people with very active social lives.

“But we’re able to overcome this with planning and organisation. There’s a good career path for operators of rail plant as more railways are opening, there’s more electrification projects planned and more maintenance required.

“As a business, we’re growing all the time and next year we’re adding four more machines to our fleet – A900 Liebherr low rail excavators.”

“Mr Bruce has always had an open mind and a willingness to invest in new equipment to meet our clients’ needs and keep the fleet up to spec with the latest regulations.

“We take great pride in our existing plant fleet and with the support from staff and operators we hope the railway division’s growth will continue in the future.”