Leada Acrow places £1.5 million MevaDec order


DUE to high demand for use in construction projects all around the UK, Leada Acrow has placed a £1.5 million order with MEVA, one of the leading concrete formwork and falsework product manufacturers based in Germany, for additional supplies of the MevaDec slab formwork system.

The order expands Leada Acrow’s partnership with MEVA even further, as they are now the sole supplier of MEVA hire products in the British market. MevaDec enables slab forming to become simpler and faster, with the use of a multi-direction primary beam, drop-head and quick release system.

The same components are used for different applications and the number and position of the props is determined by the system, so the most important requirements of a building – the ground plan, building type and dimensions, slab thickness, floor height and concrete finish – can be met easily and flexibly.

Leada Acrow’s Director Simon Coveney said, “We already had a sizeable fleet of MevaDec slab formwork, but the demand for this system has been so high that we have increased its availability. Our customers have recognised the many benefits of MevaDec in terms of efficiency and enabling fast-track construction, and hence it is being used on many high profile projects across the country. For instance, we have supplied 2,200m2 of our new MevaDec supplies to Stephenson Group for use during construction of student accommodation at Finsbury Park in London. With MevaDec, a complete concrete slab can be completed within just three days, so there are significant time and cost savings for clients. We anticipate that we will be continuing investment in more MEVA products in the near future.”