Terex aims to inspire more female engineers


TEREX has announced its commitment to inspiring the next generation of female team members.

As well as launching a dedicated national recruitment programme to expand its growing workforce, the firm has pledged its support to the government’s Think, Act, Report initiative.
A national scheme promoting gender equality in the workplace, Think, Act, Report encourages impartial recruitment. By raising awareness of issues in the workplace and supporting best practice across the UK, the programme aims to drive further female employment into manufacturing roles.
Neal Nowick, general manager of Terex Coventry, said, “Despite numerous opportunities and huge job potential in the sector, poor communication means that a manufacturing career can still seem out of reach for some women.
“This is why figures for women in science, technology, engineering and maths roles still fall far short of the 30% target by 2020, set out by Women in Science and Engineerin, despite such a goal being a key national priority.
“At Terex, we benefit from the experience and expertise of a number of highly-talented women, many of whom lead factory teams and direct innovative development projects for our latest equipment ranges.”
Terex recently hosted its annual ‘Women in Manufacturing’ Open Day.