SITA set to “sweep” up


RECYCLING and resource management company SITA UK has derived benefits from a preventative maintenance service offered by CDEnviro.

Following the installation of a road sweepings and gully waste recycling plant at their Neatchells Lane facility in Wolverhampton in 2012, SITA invested in a 15-year service support programme which as a result affords them regular site visits, thorough plant inspections and plant performance reviews.
With an estimated 98% of road sweepings now being diverted from landfill and processed by the CDEnviro plant, SITA had a requirement to ensure the recycling plant performed consistently.
Following eight regular site visits per year, CDEnviro engineers provide detailed Preventative Maintenance Inspection reports in the form of a critical review of the plant. This approach allows SITA to maximise the working life of the plant items due to the effective implementation and monitoring of all recommended maintenance regimes.