MPA taking action to protect cyclists from construction vehicle collisions

Nigel Jackson, Chief Executive MPA

MPA and its members have been taking significant action on a key recommendation in the House of Commons Transport Committee Cycling Safety report relating to Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs).

One of the Committee’s recommendations calls on the freight industry to “create a culture of safety among HGVs” and requests “the establishment of a timetable for the development of an industry-wide code of conduct”.

In support of this, MPA had already launched its Vulnerable Road User (VRU) Safety Policy in 2012 setting out driver training and additional vehicle equipment requirements for industry HGVs delivering materials such as aggregates, asphalt, cement and concrete. MPA has also been a leading contributor to, and strongly supports, the new Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety (CLOCS) standard. This Transport for London (TfL) facilitated initiative recently created a single unified vulnerable road user safety standard for construction clients, contractors and the supply chain to work to, which is now being rolled out across the UK.

Nigel Jackson, Chief Executive MPA, said “The Select Committee has highlighted a significant safety problem arising from collisions between construction vehicles and cyclists. Very significant action to improve safety for all vulnerable road users, including cyclists, is now being implemented by our industry and also throughout the construction sector across the UK. We know a lot more needs to be done and are determined to help make our roads as safe as possible for all road users.”