Breaking new ground


Construction Plant-hire Association is looking for feedback on a new guidance document – “Ground Conditions for Construction Plant”, which is now available as a draft for public comment.

Failure of the ground on which construction plant stands and moves is a frequent cause of minor incidents and near misses on sites, together with a significant number of serious injuries and fatalities.
The new guidance deals with ground bearing pressures and loadings from mobile plant, and assessment and engineering of the ground’s capability to withstand the loadings.
The guidance addresses coordination of duties, with reference to CDM and to Temporary Works, and contains technical guidance presented in an accessible way. Participating organisations included HSE, the Environment Agency, UKCG, CECA, Temporary Works Forum, specialist contractor organisations, and others.
The deadline is fast approaching and all comments must be in by 1st July 2014. Return your comments using the Comments Form downloadable off the CPA website.