Something to really get your teeth into


ROCKFORCE Construction Equipment Ltd is a Scottish family business launched in 2010 to satisfy the new emerging demand for competitive high quality after market ground engaging tools, demolition tools and rock breaking consumables.

Prior to launching the firm, founder Mafdy Atalla was responsible for the marketing and development of the only Scottish manufactured hydraulic breaker steels, introducing to over 25 countries around the world including the USA and Canada.
Based at Linlithgow Bridge, Rockforce’s product range includes Rockscot demolition tools for hydraulic hammers which are fully manufactured and heat treated in the UK. They are the authorised appointed UK distributor for the Canadian manufacturer Black Cat Blades.
Rockforce are also the authorised Scottish dealer/ distributor for the Padley and Venables range of breaker steels and drilling tools.
Their ScotPlant line-up is set to include Black Cat Blades’ new Revolution RVJ hammerless tooth system, which was recently launched at the Conexpo show in Las Vegas.

Rockscot breaker steels are manufactured in the UK utilising specially selected alloy steel and applying a state-of-the-art heat treatment process which maximises the durability and versitility of tools tools for demanding applications.

Several innovative new products were on display in Nevada, lead by the Revolution RVJ and RVC goods, hammerless solutions to install bucket and ripper teeth on existing equipment without any change to the existing adapters or nose.
The Black Cat converter is inserted into the adapter nose, the RV Tooth is installed over the converter and the patented Revolution pin is inserted and locked into place with the simple 180 degree turn of a standard socket wrench.
For many years the standard bucket or ripper tooth required a solid steel pin to be driven into the assembly with a heavy hammer, requiring significant force to install or remove the pin.
These new hammerless options allow the user to convert to a fully hammerless installation and removal without the costly and time consuming change of adapters.

Black Cat Blades’ Revolution RVJ Teeth. The new product range was launched at Conexpo in Las Vegas and will now be exhibited at ScotPlant by Rockforce, the Canadian firm’s authorised UK distributor.

Not only is it faster and easier to change these bucket teeth, the system is much safer for the installer as there is no need to swing heavy hammers to drive the pins in or out.
The RVJ system is available to convert bucket systems from the J350 through to the J800 size bucket teeth while the RVC system allows for hammerless installation of ripper teeth on D10 and D11 size bull dozer rippers.


Rockforce will also introduce for the first time a range of ESCO super V teeth replacement, also by Black Cat Blades.
Black Cat Blades is a private Canadian company that has been manufacturing Quality Wear Parts for earthmoving equipment since 1968.
Today the company employs more than 500 people in company owned and operated factories in Canada, China and the USA.