On the Hunt for ‘durability and service’


HUNTSMANS have chosen another Atlas Copco HB 5800 breaker for primary breaking in its Cotswolds quarry.

The quarry has been operating since 1918 and now employs more than 60 people. It principally produces building stone, aggregates and agricultural lime for use in the local construction and farming industries.
The breaker is at the forefront of the operation so uptime is vital. It will work approximately 1500 hours per year with regular service intervals to ensure its reliability.
The machine is used to selectively quarry stone to produce the highest quality possible.
The breaker, mounted on a Volvo EC700 with a quick hitch can be easily swapped for other attachments when tackling overburden or weaker rock.
Atlas Copco and Huntsmans have a long standing relationship going back many years.
Reliable performance under relentless pressure is the essential function of any primary breaker working in a quarry. So the purchase of two Krupp HM 2600 Marathons and three HB 5800 DP’s over the years is a testament to the Atlas Copco heavy breaker range.
David Glenn, the Managing Director of Huntsmans, said, “The Atlas Copco breaker is at the core of our operation so reliability and the relationship with the manufacturer is key.
“Already this year, we will have produced 400,000 tonnes of stone using this method.
David said “durability and service” are the main reasons for choosing Atlas Copco.
Keith Lambourne, Heavy Hydraulic Attachments Manager, said, “I have been working with Huntsmans for many years now and with our breakers working nearly all day every day in the most demanding of conditions proves how reliable and robust they are, which is essential for any good working relationship.”