No letting the guard down

One of the safety-enhanced skid steer loaders at work.

A demolition specialist has purchased five JCB skid steer loaders due to their “unique” health and safety features.
Coleman & Company Ltd initially ordered a single JCB 135 skid steer loader to work on its intricate demolition projects where space is confined – such as within tight city centre sites – or where there are weight restrictions on suspended floors.
They were so impressed that they have now purchased a further four JCB skid steers – a 155 and three 135 models.
All have been put to work on high profile demolition projects across the country.
Coleman & Company Contract Support Manager, Malcolm Hurst said, “We work in increasingly hazardous spaces, so ensuring our operatives can work in safe conditions is of primary importance. As such, we continuously look to manage and mitigate risk where possible.
“The JCB skid steer models have a number of positive safety features that impressed us.
“These include far better all round visibility and safer access to the cab which in turn allows a demolition guard to be fitted at the front of the cab.
“This is something unique to JCB’s design, it is very different to any other skid steer on the market.
“We are also very impressed with the build quality along with the flexibility of the JCB skid steers.”