Liebherr swing into town with top line-up

The L542 wheeled loader

LIEBHERR Great Britain will be displaying a mixture of tracked and wheeled excavators, a wheeled loader and a Bulldozer, all finished off with a Material Handler with a Selector grab.

The range of equipment on display highlights the range of products Liebherr supply to the industry and the importance of the Scottish market.
Two of the excavators, the 11T A910 wheeled Excavator and the 15T R914 crawler excavator come from the “compact“ range of products. Especially designed to work in tight or difficult environments they both have a very small tail swing and small footprint. The stage 3IIB engines are efficient and quiet making them ideal for urban or city work.
These two compact excavators are complimented by the larger 22t R922 LC model. This tracked excavator is ideal for general civil engineering work. Equipped with a stage IIIB compliant Liebherr engine producing 143 HP, it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
The Wheel Loader on show, the L542 demonstrates the height of fuel efficient operation with inbuilt Liebherr technology saving over 23% fuel than other competitors technology. Fuel saving factors such as a hydrostatic drive systems saves weight in the machine itself and allows the engine to be positioned transversely and to the rear of the machine.

The PR724
The PR724

This engine placement works as a natural counter balance again reducing the need for overall weight on the machine, while still delivering impressive tipping loads.
The Liebherr PR724 LGP bulldozer also uses a Hydrostatic drive system which produces smooth step less and gearless power throughout the range, even when steering. This produces a very comfortable environment for the operator as well as reduces wear and tear on key components. Special adaptions in the engine and oil management systems allow the engine to run effortlessly on inclinations of up to 45 degrees.
Material handling is a key part of many waste and bulk movement operations and at ScotPlant Liebherr will show the Liebherr LH22M. This is a versatile and handy material handler suitable for waste transfer depots and smaller material handling operations.