GMK6400 cranes are just Grove-y

GMK6400 cranes are proving extremely popular in France, with Mediaco the latest company to add some of the models to their fleet.

SIX Grove GMK6400s will soon be at work in France.

A steady flow of the 400 t capacity all-terrain crane has arrived in the country since August 2012. Mediaco, the largest crane rental company in France, is the latest to add the award-winning GMK6400 to its fleet.
The GMK6400 is the strongest six-axle crane in the world and, despite its size, easily meets road permit laws in France.
These are key reasons why the crane is proving so popular across the country as Philippe Dumas, sales director Manitowoc EMEA, explained, “If you build it, they will come – if you build the best possible crane, customers will want it. And that is the GMK6400; this crane can perform lifts that no other six-axle or even seven-axle crane can, and yet is easy to transport on French roads. We are incredibly proud of what this crane can do and, much like our 300 t Grove GMK6300L, I expect it to reach more sales milestones.”
All of the GMK6400s in France are owned by crane rental companies. The cranes already in the country are used for construction work, in particular expansion and maintenance work at refineries and manufacturing plants.