Fatal fall from height leads to ladder warning

THE Ladder Association has reminded companies of the importance of training when working at heights following the tragic death of a roofing contractor.
Alan Beutner (58) died after a fall from a ladder and his employer was subsequently prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive.
The father of three fell just seven feet from an unsecured, domestic type ladder in Plymouth in June 2011 while decorating the exterior of a house.
He fell onto a concrete path below and subsequently died of medical complications.
“Ladders and stepladders are invaluable pieces of workplace equipment used by millions of people every day,” said the Ladder Association.
“However, like all pieces of access equipment, they must be used safely and competently.
“Training is the most important tool to help reduce accidents of this type. It makes sure that everyone has the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their work safely, including knowing the right type of ladder to use for a specific task.
“Ladder users, and those responsible for supervising their work, need to be properly trained in knowing how to manage the risks effectively.
“If it’s right to use a ladder, it’s important to use the right ladder and to get trained to use it safely. Otherwise, in extreme cases, it can result in a tragic loss of life with shattering consequences.”