Taking productivity to new heights

The latest upgrades to Bobcat’s largest telehandlers feature improved load chart performance and a host of control and safety features

The hydrostatic transmission makes it possible to place a load to the exact mm, says Bobcat
The hydrostatic transmission makes it possible to place a load to the exact mm, says Bobcat

BOBCAT has launched advanced versions of its two largest rigid frame telescopic handlers. The new T40140 14 m and T40180 18 m models both have increased maximum lifting heights and are based on an easy-to-use design said to provide class-leading efficiency and productivity backed by state-of-the-art safety systems.

The much enhanced T40140 and T40180 telehandlers include many new features and are available in both Stage IIIB and Stage IIIA compatible versions. The Stage IIIB versions are powered by the 75 kW (100 HP) Deutz TCD 3.6 L4 diesel engine while the Stage IIIA models are powered by the Perkins 1104D-44TA 75 kW (100 HP) diesel engine.
For the T40140 telehandler, the maximum lift capacity is 4.1 tonne and the maximum lift height is 13.71 m. The capacity at maximum lift height is 4 tonne, while at maximum reach (10.43 m), the capacity is 1.3 tonne. Unloaded, the T40140 weighs 10.29 tonne and provides a tilt crowding force of 12300 daN.
The T40180 telehandler has a maximum lift capacity of 4 tonne and a maximum lift height of 17.52 m. The lift capacity at maximum lift height is 2.5 tonne, while at maximum reach (13.7 m), the lift capacity is 560 kg. Unloaded, the T40180 weighs 10.79 tonne and provides a crowding force of 12300 daN.
The T40140 and T40180 models are said to deliver market leading load chart performance in their classes, when operating on tyres alone, where the high stability of the telehandlers ensures minimal loss of lift height and capacity. As a result, the new T40140 model offers the highest lift capacity of 4.1 tonne, says Bobcat, whilst the T40180 telehandler has an unmatched maximum lifting height of 16.2 m when operated on tyres.
The hydrostatic transmission in the T40140 and T40180 telehandlers provides a 95% performance efficiency, providing high power coupled with low fuel consumption. The hydrostatic transmission makes it possible to place a load to the exact mm. In addition to precision, this is an important factor contributing to safety, particularly when loads have to be positioned at significant heights or distances from the machine.
The side shift system – patented by Bobcat – is a standard feature on the T40140 and T40180 models, ensuring there is no need to reposition the machine if it is not aligned with an opening, providing maximum flexibility with a +/- 700 mm side shift. This is combined with an integrated frame levelling system which works independently of the main frame to provide a tilt correction on inclined surfaces of +/- 4º on tyres and up to +/- 12º on stabilisers for safe, optimum positioning of loads.


The new cab on the T40140 and T40180 telehandlers offers increased safety and visibility by means of a curved front window. It provides a better view of loads and attachments at height. A larger back window increases visibility to the rear and a cab door with windows above and below the handlebar supports optimum visibility when manoeuvring close to walls or other obstacles. Overall the new cab is designed to provide “an exceptional work environment” and a higher level of comfort for the operator, reducing fatigue and improving safety and performance on site.
Machine controls include a new forward/reverse (FNR) control button on the joystick; a new digital display; an adjustable steering wheel and an integrated airflow solution. The FNR control on the joystick allows the driving direction to be selected at the touch of a button while still keeping a grip on both the steering wheel and the joystick.