Excavator add-ons

Doosan quick couplers let operators change attachments from within the cab

DOOSAN has extended its range of attachments for excavators with a new line of heavy duty buckets and quick couplers manufactured in Europe.

Available in a variety of sizes, the new attachments are approved for use on Doosan excavators from 14 to 52 tonne. Each size of attachment is engineered in accordance with the specifications of the matching Doosan excavator to ensure the highest performance, efficiency and stability.
With the introduction of the new Doosan bucket and quick coupler range, customers benefit from an extended one-stop-shop approach for carriers, attachments and parts from Doosan, which is available via the comprehensive Doosan dealer and service network in EMEA.
Engineering approval of every attachment product ensures optimised performance from every combination of Doosan excavator and attachment. The compatibility of the new Doosan attachments with Doosan excavators avoids operational issues that may arise from using non-approved attachments.
Doosan quick couplers allow the operator to change attachments comfortably from within the cab, saving up to 25% of total machine operating time compared to a direct mount system. The coupler design matches the Doosan excavator to the bucket to ensure optimum rotation and digging performance. The unique design of the Doosan quick coupler offers productivity, versatility and, most importantly, safety during operation and attachment changing.
Doosan heavy duty grading buckets are available for excavators ranging from 14 to 30 tonne. The grading buckets have formed diamond folded top sections for additional strength with wear straps, weld-in cast side cutters and two web plates for extra rigidity. The slim design of the bucket web plates provides more space for easier transport. The deep profile of the buckets makes them ideal for levelling and loading applications.
The new attachment range includes a series of heavy duty construction buckets covering all Doosan excavator models from 14 to 52 tonne. The buckets are ideal for general construction site work as well as for use in more demanding excavating conditions.
The heavy duty buckets have a cast corner section and side cutters for increased protection against wear and tear. They are ideal for digging soil, dirt and light gravel. Other features include a diamond folded top section for greater structural strength; the use of high-quality, abrasion-resistant materials for longer service life; and bottom wear straps. The company has also released a range of rock digging buckets.