Dust suppression


DEMOLITION attachment and dust suppression specialist Inmalo has recently supplied the first Motofog dust suppression unit into the UK. Launched at the recent Demolition Expo to great industry acclaim, the first unit has been taken on hire by Hughes and Salvidge for a prestigious contract airside at Heathrow airport with excellent reviews.

The compact, trolley mounted unit is fitted with a tried and tested Hatz diesel engine and only needs connection to a water supply.
At 207kg weight the unit makes it easy for one person to move and aided by large tyres means that uneven ground may be traversed with relative ease. It can also be easily craned using the central lifting eye.
The MF40D projects a mist of water up to 35 metres effectively dampening airborne dust particles. The head is fitted with dual nozzles for either a pencil jet or wider spray option, the head can be rotated by joystick on the unit or by remote control (optional), providing the ultimate dust suppression ability from a very compact unit.
The MF40D can be supplied with optional remote control, with a range in excess of 100 metres. The remote control will operate all the functions including engine stop/start and spray directional controls.
Specifications include a maximum range of 35m, maximum water consumption of 40 L/min, maximum water pressure of 80 Bar, vertical adjustment of -8º to +38º, horizontal slew of 90º either side and weight of 207 kg. It has a diesel engine.