A break with tradition

Furukawa’s high performance breakers have lacked the service and support they deserve, in the UK. But that’s all changing now says distributor ECY Haulmark.


DEMOLITION equipment specialist ECY Haulmark was appointed exclusive UK & Ireland distributor for the full range of FRD Furukawa hydraulic breakers at the back end of 2011.

Although well respected in the UK, FRD has unfortunately not always been afforded the back-up and service its product range deserves. This is now changing with the team-up between FRD Furukawa and ECY Haulmark, arguably one of the longest-established and most experienced breaker dealers in the UK, with support and service capabillities that are widely recognised.
A track record extending back 130 years lends some weight to the claim that FRD has a base of design experience that is second to none. The company manufactures all of its products in its own factories, using high quality materials and under stringent quality control. A policy of constant improvement has created a range of products with a reputation for high performance.
Richard Yarwood, MD at ECY Haulmark, comments: “We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the very best in demolition equipment – and the FRD hydraulic breakers are definitely among them. When you couple an excellent product with low-maintenance, no breakdown time and excellent support, you’re definitely onto a winner.”


Behind their simple exterior, FRD’s breakers are the product of many years’ experience, careful learning and intelligent design, says ECY. The breakers are said to be at the top end of the market in terms of having a high power-to-weight ratio, a minimum number of moving parts and a low lifetime cost.
One place where Furukawa’s breakers are in use is the Plymstock Quarry in Plymouth in the UK. The main contractor, Southern Wales-based Cuddy Group has undertaken clearance of the quarry to make way for homes, shops, leisure facilties and a new school.
Cuddy Group purchased the Furukawa F35XP model to assist in secondary breaking of the Limestone from the quarry face.
Cuddy Group’s site manager at Plymstock, Brendon Parry, said the breaker has been in constant use since its arrival on site earlier in 2013. The cost to purchase the Furukawa had been offset very quickly by the reduced downtime and low maintenance requirements of the breaker, he said.